Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Posters analysed and compared

Looking at these two posters I can automatically see that they are both successful and got their point across. The reason im saying this is because the first poster has the humour and clever factor of having the word "high" on it meaning the actuall high road or being high from drugs. This campaign links to drug driving. It is a really clever advert  as it has a play on words. It doesn't have a shock factor were as it wont make the audience shocked with what it is seeing as the poster has no concrete main image, as their is no actuall image on the poster just words. 
The second poster which is about 'Drink Driving' has a massive shock factor as the imagery is shocking and disturbing. Looking at it from a personal perspective I feel quite disgusted by this image. The Caption "Not everyone who gets hit by a drunk driver dies" says alot in itself as it as a true statement as not everybody dies in a car accident but can be left to be looked something like the main image of this poster. Which adds to the shock factor of the poster. I think that the second poster about the drink driving campaign was more successful than the drug-driving because of the shock factor in the imagery.

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